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Character: Riku Replica
Homeworld: Castle Oblivion, The World that Never Was
Age: 16
Alliance: Light for now
Riku is a replica, unbeknownst to him. He doesn't remember having parents, or how he was born. He doesn’t remember having any sort of childhood, or anything like a family, or friends. Nothing. He’s lived in Castle Oblivion since he could remember, been the way he is right now for the longest time. He’s been there since the beginning of the Organization, so it's been quite awhile.

Having been reborn, Riku Replica now has a heart. But that heart isn’t his, jut something he has to take up that empty space in his chest. His real heart, doesn’t exist. But if one were to say he does have a heart, then that would belong to the real Riku.

Repliku has always felt an unknown hallow feeling in his chest from time to time. He’s disregarded it, but when that hallow feeling rises, it’s because the fake heart stopped beating. But since it doesn’t belong to him, he doesn’t die. The only thing closest to a real heart is Riku’s and until that heart stops beating, or Repliku steals it, he won’t fade away like any other Nobody.

In the previous life, Repliku was created as an experiment by Vexen. ``A replicated copy of the real Riku.``, and for a while, he believed that he was the real thing.

When he found out the truth, it would have broken his heart. But he had none.
But then, why did he feel that something broke, and shattered into tiny little fragments, and cut him up inside? That cold numbness in his chest, it was unbearable.

He cursed Vexen for creating him without a heart, for making him like this, so real, with emotions, with thoughts, he wished that he never existed.

But could he really blame Vexen? Blame him for making him, allowing him to live?

He couldn’t blame the scientist. Because secretly, he viewed him as a sort of father figure, and Vexen was the only one to ever make him feel real. Treated him like a real person, not some failed experiment, or mere shell of another. He was content for that while.

And when he died, he died an empty death, by the hands of the real Riku.

When someone without a heart dies, where do they go?

He just closed his eyes, and everyone was quiet, he felt nothing, he thought nothing, he spoke nothing. All there was was darkness for as long as he could remember.

Until he opened his eyes once again, he was staring up at the heart shaped moon, clad in his Dark garments from last time.

He didn’t remember anything.

He blinked twice, and laid there, for a good hour. Right there smack in the middle of the The Alter of Naught.

He let his eyes wander, where they came upon a large door. They were white, with an odd symbol.

That’s as far as he remembers, anything before that, is like it never happened. He got a second chance at life now, and he doesn’t even know it.

Now, when he died, he aimlessly drifted through the darkness, and around the time span when Sora emerged from his pod, and Xemnas gathered hearts for Kingdom Hearts, Repliku had arrived there, in the Kingdom.

A heart floated by, and stuck to him, what he was exactly, isn’t clear.

Was it his spirit? Soul? Mind? Certainly not his body.

But what matters is that a heart just attached itself to him, and now, here he lies, in this world where he was ``born``.


Played by souba @ Kingdom Hearts Rebirth

Riku Replica totally belongs to SE. D: