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// 12. [18 Jun 2006|12:42pm]
[ mood | Tired ]

So, I met someone new on Friday. It was fun, in a way.

After work I went to the cafe like always and sat by the window. It was nice, the view. Very pretty. But after awhile, I saw something sparkle in the sky, then... like 3 seconds later said sparkle crashed into the sandlot.

Turned out to be a ship.

Apparantly, Seifer and Fuu (Seifer's cool.. I guess. Fuu, she hardly talked, I thought she was a mute first, but she's not. Was knocked out for like the first few minutes me and Seifer met though...)

Hayner, sorry I um, didn't come to your house, I was helping Seifer clean up the place after we had taken Fuu to a hotel.

His ship is big. Never seen anything like it before. Maybe he can... tell me more about it, because I'm starting to think that munny isn't the only thing we need to save Namine and Kairi.

Darkness consumes

// 11. [05 Jun 2006|09:14pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

By the time I'm done with this job, I'll be hella stronger than I was before. This is some serious workout. Hayner should try it out, he needs it most. He's as thin as a door and weak as a butterfly. I have enough munny, but extra isn't bad, not at all.

I'm really sore though, my arms and legs hurt and throb, it isn't unbearable, but it just hurts. Eh, It'll pass, maybe a nice hot shower will help.

Dinner was good. Black beans and rice with a salad and some bread, boy, was that the best dinner I ever had.

Darkness consumes

// 10. [01 Jun 2006|06:40am]
[ mood | hungry ]

This job is tiring, hard, and smelly.

I have to move large boxes and peices of metal and just basically JUNK that people throw out and then get rid of it by beating it until it dissapears. May not sound like much, but my arms are hurting like they've never hurt before. They feel so SORE I can hardly beat the junk now!!

But I like physical work, just this is such a weird job, there was nothing like this in my world (there was hardly ANYTHING there anyway).

I wonder how Selphie and Hayner are doing. They got work at the post office delivering mail. I visited them a couple times on my break. It looks boring, something Hayner probably doesn't like. 

Junk Yard-ing might be hard, but the pay's good, I bet if we all keep working hard at it we'll maybe make double of what he had originally planned to make, and having extra munny is holy.

Hayner's probably still sleeping, I mean, it is early, but I'm not one to sleep in, I like the mornings. They're nice, alot better than the day I think.

Anyway, I'll go wake him up now, he'll probably be kicking and screaming to let him go back to sleep because it's too early. But if all else fails, I can always throw ice cold water on him.


// 09. [29 May 2006|08:44pm]
[ mood | Tired ]

After hearing everything that Hayner and Selphie had to say about Namine and Kairi, I think there's really something up back at The World that Never Was. Those two are probably in alot of trouble, because knowing that world...

It's not the best to go for a safe trip.

I hope they're all right, kinda weird because I feel sort of responsible for this ordeal. I mean, I AM in the Organization, so I should know more or so about what our plans are, right? But I don't. Xemnas just kinda... dissapeared on us, or myabe just me, awhile ago I guess. Haven't seen or talked to him. Make me feel left out of it all, because if he was going to kidnap them, I really think he should of told me at least.

I didn't tell Hayner and Selphie much about the Organization, saved all the details, and on one side, I think it's what I should have done, but on the other, they don't realize what a big deal this is (or at least to me). 

Because apparantly... Selphie just invited herself AND Hayner to JOIN with me in order to FIND her friends. I would've done it myself, but I mean, she didn't have to latch herself onto me. I told her that she shouldn't, no way, it'll be too dangerous, you know, all those things to make her wanna stay, but it didn't work!! I just felt like banging my head against the wall, it was like nothing was going through her head.

I don't know how it all happened, but...

She was able to get what she wanted. We're a team now-- the three of us. Man, will it be... weird and different. Totally... different.

So now that they're coming along too, we'll need triple the supplies. Like potions, and munny-- which I only brought enough for me. I'm kinda.. low on munny now though. Spent almost off of it on the hotel and visits to the Cafe and new cloths.

Hayner said getting munny will be no problem though, because there's LOADS of jobs around. I guess that's a good thing then. We'll all have to earn some munny, because I know I'm not spending it all on those two. They need to get their own.


// 08. [17 May 2006|09:38pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I guess I'm staying the night at Hayner's.

Odd, I thought maybe he'd sleep on his bed and I on the floor, but he lent me his room (in a way) and is sleeping downstairs.

Awefully nice of him for someone who calls him idiot more than half the day and beat the crap out of him. Oh well, I'm not complaining.

So tomorrow we'll probably hang out with Selphie and actually try and SOLVE this whole.. kinapping issue.

We've kinda forgotten about that issue, which sucks, really, god knows where Namine and Kairi are, or if they're okay. Holy shit the more I think about it the more I get worried, what if they're hurt or something?

There's nothing we can do right now, sadly.

Sleep sounds nice now. I think I'll get some of that now.


// 07. [15 May 2006|06:54pm]
[ mood | HAYNER'S AN IDIOT ]

Darkness consumes

// 06. [14 May 2006|01:23pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

My day started out just fine, I had bought a sea salt ice cream and went to SunSet hill to enjoy the view peacfully, when a girl suddenly freaked out on me, calling me a creep, and kidnapper, accusing me of taking her two friends, Namine... and some the other name I don't remember.

After she yelled at me a bit, another boy came out and attacked me. Of course, his pathetic attempt to fight me was futile, and thus he got his butt kicked.

The boy's name is Hayner, and the girl's is Selphie. She's nice, over the fact that she accused me wrongly of something that I didn't do, but I don't like Hayner. But I guess it's to be expoected, he DID attack me for the wrong reason, after all.

But what got me was that Selphie told me that a man in a cloak just like mine kidnapped her friends.

Someone from the Organization?

But why?

I'll need to ask Selphie more about her friends, because I don't see any reason why we would need them.

What might He have planned?

Darkness consumes

[ Closed RP ] [07 May 2006|12:17pm]
[ mood | peacful ]

Who: Repliku, Selphie and Hayner
Where: Sunset Hill, Twilight Town
When: Around 12 pm
What: Repliku getting mistaken for the guy who kidnapped Kairi and Namine and Hayner getting his ass owned
Warnings: Repliku pwning Hayner D:

When will we meet my friend?Collapse )

Darkness consumes

// 05. [07 May 2006|12:07am]
[ mood | Tired ]

I don't know what happened, or where I am.

When I woke up, it was already morning, possibly around afternoon. I was all alone in what looked like an empty lot, with benches around, and a garage that had a large banner with the title ``Struggle!`` on it.

I dismissed the thought of that ``struggle``, because I was more worried about where I exactly was.

I gathered my journal which was just a couple feet from me where I had been laying, stood up, and looked around. There were a few birds on top of an overpass that led into what looked like another district.

Deciding to go take a look, I ended up going under the pass and into what I now know is the ``Tran Comm``.

From there, I took a look around. It seemed to be some sort of quaint town. Very peaceful and somewhat lively. The people were nice – the ones in the shops. They were the only people I saw. Bought some food from them because I was hungry, and went on my way.

The town wasn’t huge, but, it did have big districts. It wasn’t all just large and bunched together. In fact, it was actually kind of nice. Totally different then from what I was used to. I even had to cover my eyes for awhile because the sunlight was bright at first, oddly, the light hurt my forehead too.

I walked around for a good while. I rented a room in one of the local hotels and took a rest, because even though I had slept.. or, was knocked out, I was still tired.

But sadly, when I tried to sleep, I was unable to.

There was one particular thought that kept clawing to me.

It was of the dream I had when I was knocked out.

All I remember was a blonde man in a black coat just like the one I’m wearing now.

I don’t know who it was, or why I would even dream up such a thing.

No matter. It was just a dream, right? Nothing else.

Putting that aside.

This town, I really like it. It’s warm and comfortable, like polar opposite to my world.

Well, I’m tired, so I’m going to go to sleep now. Been exploring the town a lot since I got here, and I’m still a bit worn from that… traveling from my world to this.

I’ll update later, night.


And so he arrives [30 Apr 2006|11:14pm]
It was late, close to the middle of the night. The air was cold, not freezing, but it was just enough to cool you from the day's heat. The moon was partially covered by the passing grey clouds, and sometimes it was covered entirely, but soon after a few moments when the clouds hovered on by, it was exposed, and was allowed to shine it's glorious radiance down upon the sleeping town.

Twilight Town was always busy, but tonight, everyone lay snuggled into their beds, sleeping peacfully, dreaming on their sweet midnight dreams. The only thing that showed signs of any life there was the lively sound of crickets chirping. If not for that, one might think this town wasn't alive at all.

In the darkness of the sandlot, where the moon cast it's light in the centet, something was out of place, something that didn't quite belong there.

There was a boy.

A young boy that looked no more than 16, laid there on the ground unconscious. His silky silver hair was spread out on his face, and a serence expression covered his handsome features. By the look of it, it seemed like he was having a good dream.

But his face lied, oh did it lie. This youth was having something or a nightmare, though it couldn't really be called that, but to him, it was just the same.

In the dream, he stood alone in a black abyss. Nothing but darkness surrounding him, no one else there with him. But why would there be? He didn't have any friends, or family. He didn't have anything worth cherishing.

The only other thing that accompanied him in the darkness was a wooden puppet with strings.

It was sprawled out in front of him, looking like some child threw it out and left it to rot away. The strings were all tangled, and the doll had no features. It was just plain oak wood.

Riku stood there, staring at it with a died out look in his eye. That puppet made him feel uneasy, made him feel anxious, made him feel like something wasn't right, like something with him was wrong, like it was trying to tell him something, but he couldn't understand, he couldn't see what that something was. He wanted to pull and rip out his hair, the puppet was just there. Lying in front of him, and his chest was aching, it felt like the puppet was pulling something, wrapping it's wooden arm around his insides, twisting his lungs, why, why was it making him feel this way, he couldn't understand.

He felt like screaming.

But he just stood there. Staring, unmoving. He dared not to move. Dared not to blink, dared not to breathe.

It was until the puppet vanished into the darkness, sinking into it slowly, like the invisible floor turned into sludge and sucked it right in.

Riku's eyes didn't move from that spot where the puppet had vanished from.

What did it mean? Was there a hidden meaning behind it? He couldn't see what it could possibly be.

And here I beleive would be a nice time for Vexen to spot Repliku in his dreams and call out to him. If this is totally outta line or whatever, you can tell me and I'll delete the post. :x <3

// 04. [29 Apr 2006|02:10pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I decided that I'm going out the Ally To Between. That odd warped portal thing idea has been clawing at my mind lately, and I can't seem to ignore the thought of it. The thing just gives me a weird feeling when I'm near it.

I'm not sure what it is, or what it'll do, so just in case, I'm taking my journal and munny. That's all I need.

I doubt anyone would notice I'm gone, anyway.


// 03. [27 Apr 2006|03:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]

It's about time I got this thing back. It's been what, almost a week? Two? I'm not sure. Time is irrelevant in this world here. Well, as I said, I got my journal back, because an AWOL Shadow just snatched it out of no where, and of course, since I was bored, thought that chasing it might be a little fun. So I did, and that sort of led up into a chase all around the castle, until it dissapeared into the shadows of the Alley to Between.

There, for a brief second, something burst, then dissapated all the same.

It was very, very odd.

It happened at the end of the Alley, a mixture of green, blue, purple, and black colors all warped together.

I stood there for a minute or two, thinking maybe it would happen again. But no, it didn't, so I merely shrugged it off and turned around to go back to the castle ( and see if I could catch that damned heartless. )

So surely, no later than that, I cornered the shadow in one of the hallways and tackled it, grabbing my journal back before it returned to the depths of darkness.

Really though, this journal is the only thing linking me to my sanity. There's absolutely nothing to do here, I mean, everyone else in the Organization is somewhere in other worlds slacking off and such.

Mmm. Too bad for them, I won't be the one getting scolded by Xemnas.

I just have to write something down though. Something just absolutely strange and utterly confusing that's been occuring to me.

Recently, I've been having these strange sensations, follwed after by what seems Deja Vu. It's hard to explain, it just comes to me, like something you've forgotten and just remembered, but right after you remember it, you forget it. I probably sound really weird saying that. But I can't explain it no other way. When I sleep, I toss and turn, sometimes find myself on the floor beside my bed. And when I wake up, I know I had one of those dreams again, but I just can't remember it. I know it was the same, but.. it just frustrates me that I can't remember.

Maybe I'm really going insane.


// 02. [16 Apr 2006|09:48pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today's events were nothing short of the same. It sprinkled a bit, but when does it not rain here?

It was a bit calming as usual of course. I sat by the large window in my room that overlooked the city and watched the rain fall. Very relaxing... and lonesome.

I'll best get some sleep now. Pretty tired for someone who hasn't done anything all day. I think the bordem's getting to me.


// 01. [16 Apr 2006|12:14am]
[ mood | Contemplative ]

I don't know why it never occured to me before to question the boundries of our worlds. Before, everything seemed so simple, following and doing the same things each day, over and over again.

But, it was that night when I sat atop Memory's Skyscraper, that I really looked at the stars, not just stared blankly at the sky, but really, looking at the stars this time. I wondered to myself if those were other worlds out there, so beautiful and bright, the stars that shined. I found myself reaching out and trying to grab one, but of course, silly me, the stars were out of reach.

I want to be able to reach them though. To know what's beyond this world here. Beyond this tiny, little caged world.


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